Collection: The Keratin Lash Lift Tester Kit

Tester Kit!

Lift your lashes and laminate your brows with one easy to use professional kit!

Customize, lift and curl your lashes using 1 of the 3 sizes of silicone pads. Use the special lash lift glue and lifting tool to adhere your lashes to the silicone pads in your desired position. Steps 1, 2 and 3 will perm, set and condition your lashes with results lasting 4-6 weeks. Good for 3 uses.

BLASÉ uses natural ingredients and eco friendly packaging. Single use packets are designed to keep products from oxidizing and maintain higher sanitation standards.

  • Step 1 - Perm (3 x packets)

  • Step 2 - Set (3 x packets)

  • Step 3 - Keratin (3 x packets)

  • Glue (1 x bottle)

  • Silicone pads (Small + Medium + Large)

  • Lifting Tool

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